The fruitful collaboration between Arts and Health is powered by people who have a strong and passionate conviction to draw these elements together.   Some of the people we have met along the way include:


mwhiteMike White has been particularly important for us downunder in his role as a travelling storyteller, wandering the world and spreading news of arts and health projects. His book “Arts development in community health” is a key reference for many of us. Now Mike has given us permission to post a link to the blog in which he’s begun to explore his own experience of advanced cancer. It is:, or



Richard Freadman

Richard Freadman is Emeritus Professor of English and retired Director of the Unit for Studies in Biography and Autobiography at La Trobe University.  His writings include a memoir, Shadow of Doubt: My Father and Myself (2003), and two books about life writing, Threads of Life: Autobiography and the Will (2001), and This Crazy Thing a Life: Australian Jewish Autobiography (2007). He writes and lectures on illness memoir and on the use of life writing in health care settings. He’s currently working as a volunteer in the Eastern Palliative Care Biography Program and as a volunteer with Baptcare, where he is co-Facilitator (with Paula Bain) of life writing workshops for people who have been diagnosed with dementia. He is working on the final chapters of a collection of biographical and autobiographical narratives entitled The Coming of Age at Peconic in which aging, memory and dementia feature as important themes.


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