Researching the impact of the arts on health


researchThe Journal of Applied Arts & Health 5:2 may be an issue worth dipping into if you are interested in the impact of the arts on health – be this the health of individuals or communities.

This issue grapples with some of the challenges in finding evidence of this impact, an impact many practitioners know from experience. What evidence – in particular what arts-based evidence – can be found in case stories? What sorts of evidence are needed to convince managers and policy makers and academics? And how are we to understand arts and health in relation to the state of our planet

After a search conference in Bendigo, Australia, in November 2013 that addressed these questions, various participants wrote and provided images for this issue. It provides the perspectives of artists, policy makers, arts and health practitioners and researchers. Other issues of this journal are also good to browse to see the diverse applications and approaches in this field.

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