‘My Family’

My family

This week Sally Goldstraw continues sharing with us a series of videos that explore children’s voices within domestic violence. As an art therapist working in family violence, Sally has recently worked with Silverpod Productions, a small company who focus on social advocacy and awareness raising campaigns, in collaboration with WRISC family violence support and Ballarat Aboriginal Co-op. These videos are part of a wider video campaign project called ‘Break the Cycle’ produced by Silverpod Productions and supported by the Indigenous Family Violence Strategy Community Initiatives Fund.

‘My Family’ tells the story of the how children have to sit with the discomfort of loving their father and also being scared of him. Children often simply want the violence to stop. It is a common story within the therapeutic sessions. The work often involves helping the child to express both love and fear.   We try to give containment to this by explaining that you can love your father but you do not need to love his behaviour or choices he makes within his family.  This is a source of great tension and confusion for children in violent homes.  It is a significant betrayal with associated loss and grief for children when the person who is meant to love and support them is consistently violent and frightening.

If anyone requires support and assistance around family violence you can contact:
1800 RESPECT (Women):  1800 732 732
Mens helpline: 1800 000 599/9223 1199
Childrens helpline: 1800 55 1800


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