Seeing something greater

Lama Majaj reports on an innovative arts-based approach to seeing the lived experience of homeless for adults and young people at the St Vincent’s Australia Homeless Forum.


Lama Majaj was invited to be part of St Vincent’s Australia Homeless Forum as an a visual artist and art therapist to engage participants in a homeless journey art project. The final piece of work enriched the discussions at the forum and facilitated a visual dialogue throughout the event. The forum focused on developing the service delivery, research and advocacy for people who are homeless. SVHA has created an Inclusive Health Innovation Fund of ten million dollars over 3 years to be spent on improving the health outcomes of people who are most marginalised. The event brought together researchers, homeless health service representatives, community workers and CEOs to articulate the change in quality healthcare and contribute to the national statement of intent through evidence based research initiatives. Toby Hall, Karen Walsh and Jacqui Gibson set the scene of the mission of SVHA and addressed the lived experience of homeless adults and young people. Professor Paul emphasised the need to act quickly on the decisions we need to make as a society and focused on an integrative service delivery to healthcare to support and reduce health costs. The artwork is a permanent collection of The Cottage at St Vincent’s Hospital and will be reproduced as postcards to celebrate the 20 years anniversary of The Cottage.

Lama Majaj


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