Creative Conversations


Patricia Fenner and Libby Byrne were pleased to be invited to be part of the Creative Converastions that were stirring in Wallan today.  The event brought together artists, community groups and services providers, all of whom had an interest in bringing creative thinking into community spaces.  Greg Ireton informed us about the work that the Creative Recovery Network have been doing with artists and cultural and community workers to take the lead in helping their communities recover from the impact of natural disasters through creativity.  Patricia and Libby spoke about the variety of roles that art and art therapists can play in promoting health and human flourishing with individuals, groups and communities, particularly in response to trauma.

It was particularly encouraging to hear about research from Melbourne University, presented by Prof. Lou Harms and Rhonda Abotomey, exploring and making sense of the experience of Post Traumatic Growth.  Rhonda and Lou gave us some unique insights into the profound creative, personal and spiritual transformations that can occur after traumatic experiences.   Amanda Gibson reminded artists of the funding that is available through the Regional Arts Fund – making so many health giving arts projects possible.

There is another full day of program tomorrow (Saturday 11th July, 10.15am – 5.30pm), exploring working creatively with people and communities who have experienced trauma and considering the role and challenges of art in public places. If you are interested to consider how you might have a place in the conversation, we would encourage you to consider being part of tomorrow’s program and/or making contact with the organisers of this emerging network and see what might happen next!

Check out the details at through Regional Arts Victoria.