Art and Spiritual Care

Arts-based workshop at Spiritual Care Conference, Hobart, Tasmania April 19-22 2015

 As part of the Spiritual Care Conference in Hobart, Tasmania from 19-22 April, 2015, I am facilitating an arts-based workshop titled “The Tree as a Symbol of Our Spiritual Nourishment – an Experiential Reflective Workshop”.  The workshop will offer a forum for reflection on significant themes such as the meaning and purpose of our work, who am I, what sustains us, what are our roots and what do we draw from spiritual traditions that inform our lives and our practice.

The conference theme is “The Ground of our Being: Heritage, Identity, Connectedness” and the conference uses the concept of the tree as its core symbol.

Dr Jenni Harris
The Art Therapy Studio
Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre

1 Yarra Blvd

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